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We provide services covering multiple case scenarios so you can have successful and effortless ticket sales.

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Full ticket stack

Simple and easy to use APIs

With simplicity in mind we crafted a powerful APIs to offer you the flexibility to build the solutions to best serve your needs. Creating tickets, events, orders is nothing more that a simple HTTP request.

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Production ready integrations

Ready to use plugins for WordPress WooCommerce and Xamarin.

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Hosted solution

In case you do not have a platform we can set you up with one.

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Simple coding

On-site Ticket Validation

Automate the reception process with the integrated mobile app for checkin TicketSonic Scanner.

No internet connection required

A customer may purchase the ticket just a second before checking in and still be processed for validity.

Real time check-in

All the check-in devices are synced in real time, providing instant statistics about the amount of attendees checked-in.


Self checkin

Setup several devices in kiosk mode while using the front cameras and speed up the reception eliminating bottlenecks.

Available for both iOS and Android.

Any iOS or Android device with camera can be turned into a checkin device.

Auto print the badge!

Print the badge with the customer name and affiliation right upon successful checkin. Integration between the scanner mobile app and a printer is an essential feature when it comes to fast reception. AirPrinting and IPP protocols are supported for supporting as many as possible printers in order to keep expenses low and have fast reception

Auto print the badge

Mobile App For Every Event

Give your event attendees the ease of communication with the TicketSonic event mobile app. Know what are the hot topics in your event and what brought value to the audience.

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Public chat rooms
List of participants
Private Messaging
Questionnaires and Polls
Mobile app

They trusted us

We do have experience with backing up big High-Energy Physics conferences with a mobile app.

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