Become a standalone ticketing provider

We provide services covering multiple case scenarios so you can have successful and effortless ticket sales

Integrate with us with the production ready WP Plugin

Ensuring customers stay at your site throughout the process of buying tickets instead of redirecting them to external third party ticket provider is crucial for brand building.

TicketSonic provides all the tools needed to empower every web or mobile platform to serve tickets. The customers stays within your platform because the communication between your platform and TicketSonic happens behind the scenes.

The purchased ticket is validated via TicketSonic Scanner free mobile app at the venue. No paper wasted!

We offer assistance while you setup your part of the communication.

Use our production ready WP Plugin

Request an Event Hosting using our platform

Creating a robust and reliable ticket selling solution requires lots of efforts of a team of high experienced professionals. Moreover, the maintenance the solution requires further personnel to be involved.

At TicketSonic we know what it takes to develop and maintain such a product bundle. This is why we offer as a service setting up a hosted full featured solution dedicated just for you and your event.

We handle all the technical details. You don't have to worry about choosing the right hosting, create regular site backups or updating content.

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Connect directly to our simple and yet powerful API

TicketSonic exposes well documented REST APIs which provide an easy-to-use services, designed for our customers. These APIs enable the management of tickets, events, orders and ticket validation.

We provide a wide array of configurations to support your unique business model and use case, and we work closely with you to ensure our APIs are addressing your every need.

Explore our simple yet powerful API

On-site Ticket Validation

Automate the reception process with the integrated mobile app for checkin TicketSonic Scanner.

No internet connection required

A customer may purchase the ticket just a second before checking in and still be processed for validity.

Real time check-in

All the check-in devices are synced in real time, providing instant statistics about the amount of attendees checked-in.


Auto print a badge

Almost every modern (and not so modern) wifi printer could be integrated and on successful checkin to print a badge.

Available for both iOS and Android.

Any iOS or Android device with camera can be turned into a checkin device.

Mobile Conference App

Staying in touch with your attendees is a key aspect when it comes to knowing what they like or prefer.

The TicketSonic budnle includes a mobile conference app available for free download for the iOS and Android platforms.

You can easily create chat rooms, ask questions, create polls, organise votes about important cases, etc.

Mobile conference app

Data analytics

Knowing what were the most interesting topics is crucial for exploring the trends about the success of the event. The customers themselves provide vital information addressing trending topics helping you organising the next successful event.

TicketSonic is capable of providing information about the attendance of the talks regarding the attendance of the different sessions.

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